Spirit Week


In many schools around the country, homecoming is an important part of the high school tradition.  Here at Crestwood, we celebrate homecoming with seven full days and nights of activities called Spirit Week.  Spirit Week is one of the most anticipated school events all year.  Fun activities at school such as dressing up, girls touch football known as Powder Puff, students showcasing talents, dodgeball tournament, pep rally, homecoming parade  and a high-spirited football game.  Every student enjoys participating in the enthusiastic environment while supporting their school.

Spirit Week began on Monday, September 19th and lasted all week.  Each weekday has a fun theme that students can dress up based upon. This year there was ‘Merica Monday, Team Tuesday, World Tour Wednesday, Throw Down Thursday and Red and White Day on Friday.  While students aren’t required to participate in the themed days, almost everyone does for the fun of it.  Not only do some teachers offer extra credit for dressing up, students who do dress and get their photo taken are entered into a contest.  One student is picked as the winner every weekday based on who has the best costume.  Not only do they get the title, they get a fun prize too!

After a week full of fun costumes, Friday is pep rally day, the most fun day of all.  Grades 9-12 gather in the gym for full day of fun.  The only break in the day is lunch periods, and during this time students can go to the auditorium to watch other students perform and show off their talent. The best part of the day, the pep rally, happens at the end of the school day. Everyone gathers there for fun games and good-hearted competition. This year, students signed up to participated in activities in like Spirit Olympics or Minute-To-Win-It contests. Students who aren’t in the games sit on the bleachers and cheer on their grade.  Every year, grades break into loud yelling and chanting competitions.  Students always have a great time showing off their school support!

To bring the week to an end, there’s the customary homecoming football game.  This year, our football team faced Pottsville.  Not only do many students attend the game to watch, but also to hear the homecoming king and queen announced. After a long week of anticipation and voting for the nominees, the winners are declared before the game begins.  This year Megan Hudock was crowned Queen and Ben Kreuzer, King.  The new king and queen are crowned on the field before game time. Also on the homecoming court were: Ian Beach and Lauren Rowski, Lance Blass and Nellie Jones, Ashley Lewis and Garrett McAffee, John McGroarty and Maddie Granoski.  Spirit Week offers a long week of activities and student bonding. After such hard work in the classroom, it allows all of  us to have fun and enjoy being a part of Crestwood High School!

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