Row 1: Cameron O’Neill, Emily Traficante, Haley Naperkowski, Morghan Murphy, Elizabeth Wegener, Mady Heller. Row 2: Bridget LeRoy, Haley Dow, Kayla Kulp, Lauren Andrews, Sarah Macko, Hannah Sobolewski. Row 3: Coach Zearfoss, Allyssa Konshnik, Madyson Sobolewski, Abby Waite, Mackenzie Yenchik, Sydney Sobolewski, Katie Thomas, Coach Bannon.


The softball team began the season on a good note, winning their first game against Northwest.  However, this year has proved to be very challenging for the team.  Currently, they have a record of 3-7.

According to coach Adrienne Bannon, the biggest challenge to the team is that most of them are “very young”; there are only two seniors on the team.

Some team members attribute the problem to something very different than seniority:  over thinking.  “You’re supposed to always think about what you’re going to do with the ball if it’s hit to you,” says sophomore Alyssa Konschnik.  “But when you over think about what you’re supposed to do you lose focus and mess up”.

According to both Bannon and Konschnik, one of the team’s biggest rivals is Hazleton Area.  Hazleton was the state champion of the 2016 season.  But Bannon believes that they still have a chance to beat both Hazleton and their other biggest rivals, such as Pittston Area,  because they “are a determined and highly motivated team that works hard every day”.

Regardless of their record or how they will perform in the future, the team still has a lot to be proud of.  “Every player has exceeded the coaches’ expectations,” says Bannon.

With under five games left in the season, the team is hoping for a strong finish in the Wyoming Valley Conference and District 2.

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