Boys’ Soccer Team


Row 1: Nick Brown, Anthony Gesford, Justin Sterling, Josh Rusinko, Sean Murphy, Mike Ceklosky, Dylan Perrone, Payton Glynn, Justin Kachurak. Row 2: Wyatt Malia, Thomas Roberts, Dylan Walsh, Chris Smith, Dylan Gesford, Matt Lacoste, Max Gariano, Hubert Herrera, Kyle Gegaris, Alex DeSpirito, Zachary Kline. Row 3: Coach Scotto, Matt Shipton, Zack Valentino, Brian Saake, Tim Stewart, Anthony Caporuscio, Aidan Zabiegalski, Noah Jackson, Curtis Tokach, Nick Andrews, Coach Stephenson. Missing: Andrew Lehman.

The Crestwood boys’ soccer season has just ended with a great record. Their season went extremely well and the team nearly became the district champions, losing only to Dallas.  

The boys’ season started off well. They tied against Coughlin and beat Pittston, Central Columbia, and Tunkhannock. This momentum propelled the boys through their matches and they showed extreme talent on the field.  

As individuals, the boys on the team played very well. Kyle Gegaris, striker or outside midfielder, is reported to be an all-state player. The goalkeeper, Anthony Caporuscio, is only a freshman and has a bright career ahead of him. The center defenders, Nick Andrews (junior) and Curtis Tokash (senior) protected the goal all year and, with the assistance of Caporuscio, only let in three goals in the first four games!

During the season, there were many different coaches rotated through the boys’ soccer program. After the release of their original coaches, the team persevered and conducted practices with several other coaches, all of whom wanted the boys to succeed, as they did.  Despite this confusion, the players stayed positive and sportsmanlike throughout the season and welcomed their new coach, Pat Upton, halfway through the season. Upton has coached both junior high and varsity soccer at Crestwood, so the team had no problem adapting to his coaching methods.  

This team has gone further than many before them, but they rose to the occasion and exceeded expectations. The student body at Crestwood and teaching staff have expressed their delight with the boys’ success. Their perseverance and determination has shown through their time on the field and off.

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