Safe 2 Say Something Training at CSC

In June of 2018, Governor Wolf signed into law new school safety legislation.  This legislation included a $60 million grant that school districts can apply once a year for a grant for a wide range of purposes, including safety and security assessments, security-related technology, training, counselors, police officers and anti-violence programs.

Part of this legislation is the new reporting app. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office is behind the new program and made it fairly easy for anyone to file a report with just a click of a button or a tap of the screen.  It is modeled on a similar program Colorado created after 1999’s Columbine school shooting.

Training is beginning this week at CSC and will continue into next week.  Students will work in their FLR rooms to register in the program and receive training as to how the program works and what the program can do for students throughout Pennsylvania.

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