Marching Band

Marching Band

Row 1: Ian Beach, Neil Simasick, Jade Parker, Caroline Marshall, Natalie MacDonald, Schyler Kelsch, Sara DeSino. Row 2: Taylor Wells, Cameron O’Neill, Cassandra Shuleski, Nathan Mehalick, Emily Traficante, Aaron Kleger. Row 3: Drake Dewald, Jacob Wells, Robbie Murawski, Eric Witner. GUARD: Rachel Penney, Miranda Pagarelski, Virginia Gugliotti, Taryn Pecile, Cassandra Holbrook, Joanna Mulvey, Sam Legg, Brook Delay.

Marching Through the Struggles

As most people in the Crestwood community probably know, there were many problems surrounding the marching band this year. The lack of a band director left the band without a solid leader in the beginning of the season. Drake Dewald, the drum major, ended up stepping into position of leadership during the time without a director. In talking to a few members of the marching band, it became evident that, though Dewald lead them well, it is hard to be both a participant and a leader at the same time. Even Dewald himself stated, “It was difficult to work without a director this season… There wasn’t a single staff member that every member would agree with 100%.” Toward the end of the season, Theron Roberts miraculously stepped in and helped the band. He provided the seniority and influence needed to unite them. The majority of the band seems to like him. Dewald even says, “ I personally really like the new director and I am happy to work with and learn from him. He has a very agreeable personality and dedication towards growing the program.” Therefore providing a happy ending to their strenuous year. It appears that these trials have brought the band closer together, and, in the words of Dewald, “For a group of students ages 12-18 to work together through a difficult time such as this was a major accomplishment. The younger members of the band were introduced to the cooperation and dedication it takes to create a successful marching band and one day I hope they will help expand and contribute to the success of future marching bands here at Crestwood.”

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