Welcome Back

school1smallThis school year is off to a good start, the Principal, Mr. Gegaris and, the Vice Principal, Mr. Delluso are very proud of the way the students opened the school year. They are also proud of the students for taking education very seriously, respecting each other and themselves to create an environment where students can learn and is unique to Crestwood.

With a new year Mr. Gegaris and Mr. Delluso are always open to new suggestions and will listen to everyone in order to meet the student expectations. Students can tell their suggestions to their class officers who will talk to the Principal and Vice Principal about them.

Mr. Gegaris and Mr. Delluso also want to tell all students to appreciate what they have, make good habits, make the most out of ourselves and our high school experience and do what we are proud of, not something that we will regret in the future. Mr. Delluso is proud to be a part of the administration staff, the school and wants to continue his accomplishments from last year.

Zariah Januszewski and Cara Henehan are our class representatives and the alternate is Bella Termini. To become a class representative, students would have to talk to Mr. Herring when we elect for student government. As class representatives, they read the monthly reports at school board meetings and also speak on behalf of the students. They want the students to continue being actively involved in school and activities.

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