Girls Tennis


The tennis team opened up with their first match on August 22, with a non-league match against Jim Thorpe. The team had been conditioning every Monday throughout the summer until official practices began on August 15. The team finished with a 1-13 record, and despite the one win the girls on the team remained positive about the season.

The coach of the team is Mr. Lenio, along with the assistant coach Tony Deluca. Mr. Lenio is known on the team for having a supportive attitude yet giving constructive criticism when necessary.  Throughout the season, all the team members were very committed to the sport.   Once the school year started, they stayed dedicated and practiced every day after school.  The team generally had multiple games during one week.

Still many of the players were not only on the team for the sport, but the friendly environment that surrounds them. Sophomore Bethany Newell says she enjoys being on the team because of how close everyone is. “We’re like a family, with constant support and a lot of memories,” she says. Still, while the team has a lot of fun, there are definitely challenging parts also. Rachel McFarland, a sophomore on the team, says the hardest part is playing a third set during a match.

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