Girls’ Soccer

gsoccerteamRow 1: Courtney Dushanko, Allyson Helfer, Angelina Chin, Michelle Heller, Taylor Herron, 1Hannah Kresge, Lauren Andrews, Taylor Tomalinas, Emily Roberts, Cassidy Brumagin. Row 2: Madison Krowontka, Katie Schwartz, Megan Sypniewski, Amanda Ryman, Nina Atie, Kaylie Moran, Bridget LeRoy, Chyanne Cook, Alexis Tosline, Vanessa Atie, Melissa Herrera, Sam Brumagin. Row 3: Coach Meg Heintzelman, Julia Filchak, Kelly Velehoski, Brooke Moran, Katelyn Whetstone, Lexi Gaetano, Allie Stover, Bella Termini, Brandy Jones, Sierra Holmberg, Abbey Walters, Alicia Armstrong, Coach Kile. Missing From Photo: Coach Sarah Andrews and Emily Traficante.

Despite injures and small setbacks, the Crestwood girl’s soccer teams is having its best seasons in a number of years. Much of this success can be attributed to resilient and skilled players.

The season has gotten off to a good start with only one loss to the school’s rivals, Dallas HS. At their latest game (Thursday, October 6, 2016) against Tunkhannock High School, they won 12-2. At the start of the game, player Sam Brumagin, scored the first goal of the game. Sam plays wing midfielder in most games. This position requires a fast reaction time and a high tolerance while running. After being interviewed about the soccer team Sam proceeded to say,”This team has grown so close that it’s almost as though we are like a second family.”

The Crestwood girls’ soccer team is a very close knight, bonded team. After questioning a large majority of the players, they agreed that they consider the team family. When being on a team the key to success is often unity. The closeness allows them to communicate and work together with ease. The coach of the team, Russ Kile has said, “Endless dedication and a positive outlook have allowed our team to accomplish one of the best records we’ve enjoyed in many years.”

During half time at the Tunkhannock game the seniors on the team, Brandy Jones, Alexis Gaetano, Taylor Herron, and Emily Trafficante, participated in the Crestwood senior night. During the ceremony the senior girls walked down the rows of their underclassmen teammates while having their favorite soccer memories and hobbies as well as future goals announced to the crowd. After asking the girls about their experience with this years soccer team they all replied with positive feedback with replies like, “Although the season didn’t go as planned this has been the most fun I’ve had in the four years I’ve played.” from Emily Trafficante and “I can’t give you a quote, I have practice.” followed by a laugh and a smile from Alexis Gaetano.

The final score against Tunkhannock was 12-3 leaving Crestwood High School with a tremendous win. A major part of the game and accreditation for the final score of the game can be partially given to the varsity goalie, Courtney Dushanko. Courtney is a freshman. When asked about the soccer team Courtney has said that she loves the team and that,” This is my box!”

At a recent game against Hanover, Courtney was able to stop all of the shots taken on her resulting in a final score of 10-0 leading the Crestwood team to victory. Courtney also credits her abilities to her defensive line up typically consisting of Alexis Gaetano and Katelyn Whetstone.

Many people on the team say that Katelyn Whetstone is very comical and likes to tell jokes on the bus ride to away games. When questioned about the team she replied with,” What are we gonna do…?” followed by a roar of laughter from the team.

While some people are able to play during the game there are also members of the team that are currently injured. On the girl’s soccer team being injured does not discourage them from attending most, if not all, the games. Taylor Herron, a senior on the team, has a broken heel yet still attends most of the games. When asked about how she feels about the team she replied by saying, “You have to be the support system you want for yourself.” Which is true in soccer. If you want a good support system there for you than you should be there for them. Along with Taylor is also Emily Roberts who is currently out due to a concussion. She said,” KBA!” which is what the team says before games.

Overall the Crestwood soccer team has had a great season so far. They have won all but one game this season. Next week Tuesday they will be able to avenge their loss to Dallas when the two teams meet again.

This is a hard working, tight knit and resilient team.  As they look forward to the postseason, Senior Brandy Jones summed up the team’s attitude.  ” Bustin’ ours so we can kick yours”.

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