football-teamMembers of the 2016-17 football team: Row 1: Ben Keuzer, Jacob Barney, Nate Smith, Mark Snyder, Coach Greg Myers, Garrett McAfee, Alex DeSpirito, Kyle Richards, Lance Blass. Row 2: Jeremy Hannnen, Chistian Zero, Nick Miller, Kyle Frisbie, Troy Simko, William O’Boyle, Jordan Kotowski, Tyler Zaykoski. Row 3: Chase Passman, Liam Stone, Patrick Rother, Brandon Brozena, Owen Grigas, Kevin Klusewitz, Michael Macri, Ryan Black, Jacob Smith. Row 4: Pat Colo, Dhruv Patel, Jeff Shumude, David Wint, Jimmy Curry, Wyatt Steltz, Nick Grosek, Adam Gegaris, Chris Kremski, Shane O’Rourke. Row 5: Ethan Van Gorden, Anthony Poyer, Luis Castro, John O’Boyle, Kevin Frisbie, Alan Derr, Eric Baddinger, Sean Foley, Jacob Spaide, Daivd Wan. Row 6. Manager Jaicika Castro, Asst. Coach David Thole, Asst. Coach Don Flynn, Asst. Coach Andrew Chang, Asst. Coach Ryan Arcangeli, Asst. Coach Dan Distasio, Asst. Coach Kyle Kutney, Asst. Coach Walt Stets, Asst. Coach Tony Marranca, Asst. Coach,  Asst. Coach Randy Swank.

The football struggled early this season.  Many players attribute this to the staggering amount of injuries that have afflicted the team this year. Both key offensive and defensive players have been affected, limiting the team’s ability to make important plays and shut down plays made by the opposing team.

However, the vast majority of the team still has a positive outlook on the rest of the season.  “Overall, I see a bright future ahead,” says sophomore center Anthony Poyer, an opinion that is seemingly agreed upon by the team.

But how does the team plan on overcoming all the obstacles before them?  “Play together as a team and we’ll win,” says sophomore receiver Eric Biddinger.  “Play smart, stay composed, and… play our style of Crestwood Football,” says sophomore running back and kick returner Patrick Rother.  “Play as a team and play for each other… there is no other group of guys in the world I’d rather play my last year of high school football with,” says senior running back and linebacker Jacob Barney.  The team also holds intense practices to prepare themselves.  They are currently focusing on lessening the amount of penalties they get and being able to put drives together.  

Though losses are stacked against them, they are still faithful in their abilities.  “It doesn’t matter how the previous game or games turned out, we’re focused on this week,” says Poyer.  “The team still has confidence… We know what we need to do in order to win games,” says Rother.


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